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  •  A low student-teacher ratio which allows individualization while maintaining a normal rotating schedule.

  • Great School! In addition to the classes, a one-on-one support program is available to serve students with dyslexia, attention problems, specific learning disabilities and/or poor skills in writing, spelling, math or test taking. 

  •  For the advanced student, standard course work is covered at the beginning of each course at a rapid pace. In the area(s) the student excels, he/she may begin the 'honors' part of the curriculum. The student is challenged sufficiently to become aware of individual capabilities and not be hindered by intellectual growth of their peers. Students remain in the classroom environment to facilitate social interaction. A dual enrollment program is available at Manatee Community College for qualified students. Students are eligible to apply for the Florida Undergraduate Scholars Program.

  •  Students will attend an Outdoor Leadership Program. The goals of the program are: Trusting, Risking, Discovering, Self Esteem and Confidence.

  •  Regular field trips are scheduled which emphasize an awareness and appreciation of the outdoors, the environment as well as local cultural opportunities.

  •  Participation in the Sailor Circus is open to all students.
    advanced students can rest


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