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Ask yourself these questions about your child's current school:
  • Joy Do my child's teachers know his or her name?
  •  Do they know his or her interests? Aspirations? Fears?
  •  When is the last time a teacher from the school called you?
  •  Is my child happy at school?
  •  Is he or she being challenged?
  •  Are the teachers too busy with class discipline to get through a full academic curriculum?

We have the solution. There are not many schools quite like the Prew.

Read what our parents have had to say:

"When I handed you my daughter, she was stifled and discouraged, and floundering from years of public education. As a graduate, she shows promise, proud to be part of the Prew, and proud to be a woman on her own. For that, I thank you."

"Two years at Prew brought personal growth, self-esteem and relationships that will last [my daughter] a lifetime. "

"I was told that the faculty at Prew could work miracles with young lives. I know this to be true."

Friends forever!

But we are most proud of the comments we receive from our graduating students:

"You 're a teacher I'll always remember."

"Thank you for taking the extra time to test me, and making sure I knew the material."

"I really felt that the teachers cared"


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