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The school's community is one of varied backgrounds and intellectual ability. All classes encompass a broad range of abilities. Students Small class sizes permit a great deal of individualized instruction. This individualization allows advanced students the opportunity to follow honors level for each course, while others follow a core curriculum. Study skill courses are available on a one-to-one basis for all students for remediation, organization skills, additional work in areas of weakness, or preparation for college admissions test.

I'll never forget my teacher Prew Academy recognizes that Middle School is a time to refine and hone basic skills while putting them into practical application. Academics are taught in both a step by step individualized progression as well as learning socially in a group atmosphere where peer ideas whet the academic appetite. Grades six and seven follow an un-graded curriculum dependent on individual advancement but competitive with essential skills. Curriculum for grade eight serves as a transition between Middle and High School. Advanced Students are recommended for selected ninth grade courses for high school credit. All students are required to take Physical Education in grades 6-8.

You failed! The High School builds upon the strong foundation that is provided in Middle School. Individualized programs are incorporated in to each course offering. Students have the opportunity to assume leadership roles in extra and co-curriculum activities such as Student Council, NHS, Yearbook, Panache Etc. In order to graduate, students are required to earn a minimum of 20 credits in High School but are encouraged to follow the college preparatory program and earn 23-26 credits. Seniors who have shown outstanding ability are permitted to enroll in the Community College Dual Enrollment Program.

Lesson Beginning in their Junior Year, all students meet with a member of the administration to discuss PSAT, SAT and the college admissions process. Concurrently students are also presented with information about vocational schools. Different methods of taking the SAT and PSAT (regular, untimed, orally, etc.) are explained to the students as well as the support services available at colleges and universities. They are counseled that choices should be in terms of their own ability, interests, performance and goals.

Fun Acceptance to Prew Academy is determined by a review of the current transcript including standardized test scores, psychological testing (when appropriate), and a personal interview with the candidate and family. Periodic drug testing is performed in order to help insure a positive learning environment. In assessing the total child, we will take into account academic readiness, social and emotional development, motivation and family co-operation in working with the school to meet the needs of the applicant. Prew Academy admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. Applications are available for financial aid.

A personal visit to the campus would enable us to discuss a more specific program for your child.

Note: Depending upon circumstances, in any given semester not all programs or activities may be available.


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